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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's time to go. Three years is a long time, isn't it?
Thank you for the s p a c e we have created. I do not have the heart to delete this blog so it shall stay here...
So much for a farewell blog entry, no last hurrahs. I was never good at goodbyes, anyway. Let us search for Christmas, everyone. Let's be merry. Perhaps wise. Yes, let's all be wise this time. We all need it.
Hanggang sa muli.


Blogger Tee said...

even if there is so much to ask..
we leave it at that
and with a *hug*

4:22 PM

Blogger daviddenton5375 said...

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10:26 AM

Anonymous Ainsley said...

I've been reading you.It saddens me that you'd left this spot. In the beginning, I was just one of those neutral strangers looking through other people's lives without the slightest manipulation. At this point, I'm already halfway knowing you.Come to think of it -- someone unnoticed has always cared about you.

Tin, happy birthday. I pray for your father-in-law's recovery..and I pray that your students would read more as you've always hoped they'd do, and I pray you'll have better days soon ...i sense that you've been very tired and drained lately.

I want to read you more. I want to know you better.

Please don't hide your life from me.

5:43 AM

Anonymous ainsley said...

I hope you'll always remember that familiar birthday feeling --that giddy,excited tickle in your tummy as if great things will come.

Yes Tin ... expect great things to come :)

11:38 AM

Anonymous Ainsley said...

Dec.09, 2006

How goodly are the ways we walked, Beloved,
Together and how firm, how true your hand;
But our glad hours of golden morning pass;
Our sun climbs high and higher and the sand
For all our love, runs swiftly in the glass.
If this be all ( though I have other faith )
If we can journey in this camaraderie
But once, yet , at the end, I'll seek my rest;
Content that it was you who came to me,
Content that the short way could be so blessed.

There are so many in our lives that we just lost.They all seemed to just pass,and then we forgot;But though forgotten, they were real...at least once.

PS. I also hated Math back in college.

12:32 AM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Ainsley said...

Hey, it's me again.

I'm glad school days are over for you. Enjoy your summer trip to the beach with your P. I love that P is treating you so well
( breakfast in bed is always a romantic treat ). I think P is a special guy.

By the way, I also love pork steak with steamed talong & okra with bagoong. I haven't had that in many years:)


9:55 PM

Blogger color_blind said...

hello ainsley.


6:12 PM

Anonymous Ainsley said...

August 10, 2007

Pieces of Happiness on a Lousy Friday

1. knowing that it's already Friday
2. a pleasant, very contemplative drive home
3. new pencils in my already growing collection
4. a box of fine chocolates from someone special -- all dark and bittersweet
5. my unusually quiet cellphone
( i just love peace and quiet today )
6. my discovery of a dainty restaurant called Blue Moon ( i luv Blue Moon... it brings back so many memories)
7. thinking of Tin

7:11 AM

Blogger color_blind said...

who are you ainsley?

4:02 PM

Anonymous Ainsley said...

August 22, 2007

Hi Tin,

'Didn't expect you'll find me here. Why are you in your old blog lately? Do you love visiting your past? Why do you miss your old self? Have you really changed a lot?

Get to know me...Without specifics, you can ask me questions.

11:14 PM

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