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Monday, April 25, 2005

17 days to go



An SMS from dear Ian:

"I am having tea with Aivy in Sans Rival, in dumaguete, and she is saying you are marrying for love."

Indeed, indeed.

Friday, April 22, 2005

TGIF or not

I'm writing this entry in an internet cafe while waiting for Kulas. After a week's self-imposed retreat, I am more anxious, more stressed and more worried about things concerning the wedding. It's pathetic how I had let beautiful things pass me by for the past week and not write about it. My mind is too dead now to recall. Even my body's reacting to the stress already. I have zits, my hair's a blah, my skin's either too dry or too oily on some days. Hay...

I've already had three trial make-ups and I absolutely do not want to have more than that. With the first two trials, I felt like I just wasted precious money...

Needless to say, EB is a real pro who knows and loves what he does. I was even sure I'd book him right on my trial day--judging by the photos of other brides whose make-up he's already done. BUT no. In my opinion, he unnecessarily focused on my eyes. Droopy daw ang eyelids ko that's why he concentrated on "opening" them up. And for those who aren't familiar witht he way he works, he shoots before and after photos of you for comparison. I told him I just couldn't bring myself to smile at him while he takes my picture at that time and that my eyes aren't really droopy as he puts it. Still, he insisted. The result? I looked like a starlet. A starlet with a gorgeous smoky eyes and flawless skin. But was that what I wanted??? I didn't like my hair too. I discussed this with him a few days after the trial. He said we were on a hurry daw kasi, thus the 80's hair volume and body fortified with hair spray that just triggered my rhinitis. Oh and the false eyelashes didnt help too. The remaining residue of glue on my eyelashes finally washed off just this afternoon. I also told him I wear contacts and that the extended lashes and glue wouldn't be a good idea. He said we'd just try it and remove it if it gets bad. It did get bad. I was teary-eyed the whole day, with sneezing fits.

I was so disheartened I didn't ask him to print my picture. People who saw me that day didn't really see the difference, I think, or they might have told me I looked nice or I looked bad. The long and short of it: it was a failure. He offered to re-do the whole thing and I was quite grateful about it. But when I was already trying to schedule a "re-trial" lagi na syang booked.

So I had another trial with BC. She worked fast, did my eye make-up alright--but she told me the hair stylist she'll be taking with her if I booked her for the wedding wouldn't be the one who would do my hairstyle trial. Huh? Kaya nga may trial right? Aren't they supposed to do everything as if it were already the day?

Again, the hair failed. I've always wanted my hair down--for the reason that I have big ears, my face's oval-shaped--all of which could be "hidden" naman; but the thing, really, is that I love the way I look when my hair's down and falls perfectly on my shoulders. Also, I'd be wearing a headband with Swarovskis. BC said she hasn't seen a bride with her hair literally down on her wedding day. It should always always be an updo. Ganun? I don't exactly agree...

I wanted a few big, soft curls lang but this ale in her BC's salon turned my hair into a mass of big kulot hair like I have a hundred ensaymadas on my head instead of hair. Kulas even had to squirm when he saw my hair. If I was disheartened at EB's trial, I was totally annoyed at BC's. First, the trial hairstylist won't be the same as the hairstylist for the weddign day itself. Second, she didn't even check my final look after that parloristang manang did my hair. She also mentioned something like she won't be using naman the stuff she used for my trial on the day itself, as if what she used then was of poor quality. What was that???

I still believe they are very good at their craft. Minalas lang talaga ako?

So now I'm just going for my stylist at Britannico. She did the hairstyle I've printed out really well and who said I couldn't have my hair down huh? The only downside to her is that she uses a foundation for all skin types so I'll have to buy something else just for the wedding. Any suggestions? I have combination skin and I'm thinking MAC, Max Factor, Revlon skinlights or Clinique. Soemthing that has good coverage and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. Girls, help please?

Kulas is at the parking lot na. I'm a bundle of anxiety. Hayyy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Getting there

The wedding's exactly 30 days from today. Everything's going in a blur but I always try to enjoy every minute of it. The wedding in numbers:

1. Church - check/documents complete (license, banns,baptismal and confirmation certs)/for submission;canonical interview and pre-cana done

2. Casablanca - check/set layout ok; balance to be paid

3. Gowns - my fitting at Edd's later!!!

4. Tokens for guests - 100boxes finished; 100 more to go

5. Albergus - Menu ok; everything's yummy; Rico the headwaiter will be going with us later o Casablanca for the final set design, layout, etc.

6. Flowers - will take Domingo's staff to Casablanca on Friday

7. Invites - this one is actually the most challenging as I made them myself :) they'll all be out by friday! :)

8. The guys' barongs - Mama and I will take a trip to Divisoria for the tela on Saturday

9. HMU - trial with Eddie Bruan in a while; crossing my fingers

10. Gifts for sponsors - still loking; negotiating with Tina

11. Honeymoon - we've got the tickets to Boracay and we're booked na at Totsie's place

12. Missalettes - done; will be printed out next week

13. Photographer - I love Terry's work! He's amazing. And I'm so glad we've already booked him. He'll shoot the wedding just the way Kulas and I like it.

Hmmm. Still have a million and one small details to iron out. Wish me luck :) and Joacs, this ain't a blog entry again, I know. I'll make up for it soon. Will be posting pics too!

Life's good :)