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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

i dreamt i was writing these lines

in dreams you can see people the way you knew them. you can listen to their voices the way only you knew how they sounded. a smile is honest. a cry, too, is as pure. in dreams, you can touch them the way you knew how much you have loved them.

4:55 am 23 december 2003

Monday, December 22, 2003

merry christmas!!! this was taken during our office christmas pasrty last tuesday. i hosted the party together with S, a colleague. well, we managed to make fun of people, made them make fun of us, and had fun, all in all. we all checked in the hotel after. see my smile here? if there's such a thing as afterglow, there's also beforeglow. hehe. *winks*

there seems to be no enough time for me to do everything i need to do before the holidays. last friday, kulas and i went shopping for presents. started at nine a.m. and finished at five p.m.! it was exhausting but fun : )
i amused kulas with my haggling skills.

can somebody let me know if a picture appears here,please?

i'll try to post something more substantial for your hungry minds later.

time space warp ngayon din

of course this is the famous line from Shaider the Japanese series i grew up with. i wanted to be Annie because i honestly thought Shaider was so cute ( may he rest in peace) and i wanted him to be my boyfriend.

oh but anyway. it feels like im on a space warp: some people here in the office are playing songs on their radios. the volume is actually turned very low and as a result, it sounds, uhm, i dunno. basta it feels and sounds weird. im just tamad to describe it further. yun lang.

ah, i know na. para akong nasa bahay ng kapitbahay bah. figure it out.

kulas + tintin = kulas/tintin

i was supposed to have a meeting yesterday but i had to cancel due to PMS and laryngitis. later last night, kulas dropped by to pick up the gifts i wrapped. he brought pancit palabok and chocolate cake from Red Ribbon. while he spoon-fed me in my room, he said:

kulas: you look tired and your eyes look sleepy. siguro you went out last night noh

me: (rolls my eyes and gestures at the millions of wrapped gifts by the foot of my bed) hello...

kulas: siguro you read lots of books na naman

me: uhm... (pretends to swallow seed of calamansi)

kulas: quit staying up late at night. quit reading at night. you can be a morning person like me

me: wha?

kulas: well, we should always do things together. when you're up, i should be, too. dapat when people see us, they'll see us in us.

me: huh?

kulas: they'll see you in me, they'll see me in you

me: i think the former is ok but the latter?....

kulas: heh

hmmm... i love this man. very, very much.

i love you Alda's

beer, pizza and pasta again at Alda's. i like.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

back here in dear manila. im actually rushing this one so here goes:

1. i enjoyed davao. though it was more of work, it was actually fun.
2. it's christmas next week and i have yet to buy presents for my favorite earthlings!
3. i have a new project! i'll be writing for a new TV program and i've asked two of my great friends to join me. ayvi and nina, im so excited!
4. college tropa party this friday--yep, im going this time
5. Project Brainstorm -- my creative concepts outfit officially kicks off by January 2k4. calling artists, writers, sales people, graphic designers, PR folks---everybody! i will be posting a separate entry for PB so watch out.
6. dinah called me through my mobile yesterday and i missed it :(
7. lantern parade tongiht. kulas, enzo and me are going.
8. also another project of mine Our House Center for Children's Creativity will be launched in March 2004.
9. im back, im back, im back!
10. merry christmas!

kulas and me at the office party

Saturday, December 06, 2003

what's on my mind now?

i have been feeling stressed these days. im here at work on a Saturday morning, when i'd rather be out, joining the throng of sweaty bodies in malls and tiangges, basking in such commercial satisfaction. hell, what i would give to have an anxiety-free set of neurons: bills to pay, a seventy-thousand-peso account to liquidate, project proposals to review,edit,and approve, the warning digits of my bank account, clients who still wouldn't pay for the services i have long rendered and delivered--i swear i could go on and on but i wouldn't. ranting is really, really tiring.

i'll be off to davao tomorrow and will be there for a whole week. i'm thinking of taking off to singapore or hongkong from there (would that i could). god, i need to get out of this.

i'm gonna nail your ass,baby.

shitty,shitty. his ex called his mobile again this morning.. why 'again'? because she did just that last week -- same time, same day.

she ought to be afraid. very afraid. she is definitely in trouble.

you've lost your spunk

yes, that's what a very good friend told me. i seem to have lost that glow, according to her. and she is oh-so right.

for one, i have stopped doing some things i used to. i haven't been working on projects outside my day job, nor have i been actively scouting for them. i am also a little out of touch with friends who usually are my greatest stimuli for almost anything.

i need to feed my mind. it's devastatingly hungry, starving, drooling for some real thinking. books and good films won't suffice nowadays. i need to be bad ( just exactly what i mean by that is no cause for worry, honey). i need to be back.

maybe i've gotten so spoiled and sheltered. i think it's time to hit the streets again, fearless and brazen. just follow what the shoe with a swoosh ad says.

confessions of a shopaholic

so what. i need some entertainment.

smile, tintin, smile

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

i know of a place that is actually a black hole i have consciously though grudgingly leapt into. it's like there are Dementors there--they suck all the happiness and cheerful thoughts out of you and you are dragged to misery, because they want you to be like them.

the only way to fight Dementors is to gather every happy feeling and thought out of your soul, no matter how difficult as they try to suffocate you by breathing in all the air there is in this cell, refuse to succumb to insanity, refuse to be prey.

life is funny: one moment you're skipping with delight, another and you're crawling like a lizard. as if you people didn't know this, no?


tere's birthday dinner at Pantalan was lovely. mama brought her Japanese boss and a colleague; tere invited her two best friends Arlene and She; Tj, Kulas and me. Kulas gave the most beautiful bouquet of flowers Tere has ever received in her life---tere's words. it was a bunch of mums and daisies in different colors, with a big sunflower in the middle.

kulas spoke with Sato in Nihonggo. kulas amused all of us with his linguistic wit. this man never ceases to amaze me.

i'll reserve my rants and raves for a later post.