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Friday, November 26, 2004

fuck fuck fuck! Blogger just ate an entry I wrote for an hour!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Manic and Depressed

I decided to blog because I'm already getting sick of my picture wearing my fantastic hat. Actually, I can end this post here but, well, I guess I have to say something sensible, right?

I'm just not up for elaborating things now, however, things aren't so bright and shiny in my side of the planet. The Universal Law of Equilibrium is at work now: my theory that when a major facet of your life is almost flawless, something will somehow find a way to screw another aspect of your frigging life, or worse, the rest of it. Profound, ano? Hehe.

Totoo naman ito, hindi ba? Wala pang ilang linggo ang nakakaraan nang ipagmalaki ko sa mundo ang kagalakang aking nadarama dahil sa nalalapit naming pag-iisang dibdib ni Kulas. Dumaan din ang aking kaarawan at sinabi ko sa inyong napakaligaya ko. Subalit ngayon... (cue in music..nuninuninu...)

No, no my dears. Kulas and I are perfectly fine. In fact, we're doing really good that the cosmos has decided to bludgeon me with something else. Ang buhay nga naman...

Actually, I'm in deep shit (and I've swallowed some of it) now but I'm trying really hard to be in control and not the other way around. After all, it's because I went out of control that I'm in trouble now.

I have to move my ass if I want to do this right. Maybe I'll kidnap Eddie Gil or something...

(Where did that come from?)

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I never thought I could look this Chinese. Hah. It was a birthday well-celebrated. Happiness! Posted by Hello

My waffle dog that never was Posted by Hello

I wasn't able to get this cute litlle boy's name. He was eyeing my hat and I would have bought one for him if it wasn't that expensive...Kulas bought it for me nga eh. I let the boy wear it na lang. Posted by Hello

Me with my jester hat and Kulas with his shark head gear Posted by Hello

This makes me want to cuddle up by the fireplace with a hot cocoa, a good book, and sige na nga, Kulas :) Posted by Hello

Santa's doing the cha-cha Posted by Hello

This is actually a hat factory Posted by Hello

I wonder how much their Meralco bill is... Posted by Hello

People do flock here Posted by Hello

Taco, hon? Posted by Hello

Hi Mr. Snowman, can I take you home? Posted by Hello

Kulas took me to Policarpio Street in Mandaluyong where almost all the houses have really grand Christmas decors. Policarpio is transformed into a mini-amusement park complete with food stalls and toys kiosks at 6 pm. Parking can be tricky, too. Posted by Hello

I was like, "move it, move it" under my breath :) Posted by Hello

Kulas and the Mamang Sorbetero. We told him we'll get him for the wedding. He said he could serve 300+ cones off his cart Posted by Hello

Kulas and I outside the Manila Cathedral.  Posted by Hello

There was also a wedding going on at the Shrine. The newlyweds didn't look happy when they kissed. I wonder why... Posted by Hello

The Shrine facade Posted by Hello

This is the Shrine of Jesus at the Mall of Asia complex in Roxas Boulevard.  Posted by Hello

Coconut Palace. We actually caught this wedding earlier at the Manila Cathedral. We tried to make "usyoso" as to what the bride's dress looked like but it took her forever to get off the bridal car. We saw her here about four hours later. We figured the ceremony took a couple of hours. Then one of the photo guys we asked, said that cocktails were served first, and then there'll be dinner after. See the overcast sky? Coconut Palace has provisions for the unexpected weather disturbances. I really think the wedding should be done a little earlier than the original May 28. Posted by Hello

Another option is the Coconut Palace. I told Kulas to just ignore the place's history. It's affordable and I love the sea behind it (I'm pretending it's not dirty and stinky Manila Bay hehe). Posted by Hello

Garden pa rin. I initially thought that Intramuros churches and reception venues charge really steeply but they're actually pretty reasonable. Catering services will really kill you though. Posted by Hello

Still at the Garden. The tables will be set up at the other side though (I wasn't able to take pictures of that). This will be for the pictorials and the partying with friends and guests :) Imagine this at night. Ang ganda.. Posted by Hello

The ruins in the Garden. So much history. So much character. Kulas has history and I have character. Nyahahahaha.  Posted by Hello

Ok, so I'll have to spoil it. For now, the top choice is San Agustin. And the reception will be here at the beautiful Father Blanco's Garden. This is the pathway to the ensconced garden. Breathtakingly serene. Posted by Hello

And where's my groom, you ask? Up, up, and away! Posted by Hello