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Monday, July 18, 2005

Nursing this fever makes me nostalgic and I long for Mama’s lugaw and pineapple juice. I didn’t bother to tell her I’m sick because I know she has too much up on her sleeves, too. Besides, Kulas is doing a great job taking care of me.

The storm is over, I hope—literally and figuratively. I don’t want feeling like that, though I know that is bound to happen again, as marriages are wont to be. I guess I’m tougher this time. I’ve learned a lot in just a couple of months.

Privacy is one thing and honesty is another. We should learn how to tread the gray areas, though. And accept it.

Learn to respect each other’s individuality. Never judge the other. Never point fingers. Love, hurt, heal. Live. In the end, keep each other’s center.

Two months, honey. Thank you.

Health Break Irony

Waldorf implements a few days' school break every six weeks and it's called a health break. I, however, have been down with the flu since Friday night. How apt, huh?

This blog has been neglected for far too long; heavens help me update regularly--my days always find me wishing that there are more hours in a day than 24. I am literally racing with time. There's just too much work to do! School can actually be demanding. Prepare lessons and when you're done, be ready to do the next. Schedule meetings with parents, add stuff to your bag of tricks so students won't die of boredom in your classes, check papers, talk to teachers regarding your students' acads, shout, scream, tear your hair in frustration, bite your nails and go insane.

It's fun, really. He he.

But it is! Last Friday, my Poetry block culminated with my Class staging a poetry reading and performance. We had a full house. I am damn proud of those kids.

So how's the homefront, you ask?

Kulas and I are still adjusting, I guess. He mans the kitchen most of the time and I do the dishes and cleans up after him :) He's turned out to be a really good cook, mind you.

Anyway, so much has happened the past few weeks and I can't bring myself to write about them anymore. Besides, they'd just come out stale anyway.

Damn it, I didn't get to have any of my Gaiman books signed. We were geared on going to Rockwell on his first day but something came up so we decided to go to Promenade the following day instead. The qeueu was tooooooo long and I wasn't feeling well so I decided I should just go to Gateway the next day. I couldn't leave school earlier so I got to the mall at 4pm, which by the way, is the official signing sched. But what do you know, the line at Fully Booked wound down the mall and outside to the Cubao MRT station and back inside, up again to the bookstore!

I saw girlfriends being piggy-backed by their boyfriends just so they could catch a glimpse of him. I would have asked Kulas to carry me on his back, too, if he were with me then!

Oh well. To think I even worried about what to say when I'd be finally in front of him. Should I say "hi", coolly, or scream like a crazy colegiala and kiss him or just stare at him and drool?

All of the above, actually.