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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm writing this between forkfuls of (a tad salty) lasagna Kulas bought at Chocolate Kiss. I had piyaya for breakfast and practically nothing for lunch. I need nourishment, Kulas says.

Been very busy and still am. My sister graduated last March 20. I've always thought it would be quite emotional when I finally see her receive her diploma---I was teary-eyed but I was damn proud :)

I was in Iloilo last week. It was too hot. I actually burned the soles of my feet when I crossed the five-inch wide bamboo bridge leading to the mangrove forest we were supposed to monitor. The mangrove reforestation project of Barangay Napti in Capiz was one of the most beautiful mangrove forests I've seen. But the fisherfolk and the rest of the people of Napti would have to wait a while to have a fully revived coastal habitat.

I ate nothing but fish, oysters and clams the whole week. It was glorious. Sayang lang we weren't able to cross islands. Boracay would have been a treat.

Business is doing well. Our stocks are sold out and we're ordering materials and manufacturing them again.

The art camp is near na. Still a lot of marketing needs to be done.

Im getting depressed by the amount of work I need to do.

Why am I doing these again? Nice. After a long hiatus from blogging, I come up with this one lousy, griping entry.

I ought to take a break real soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

"Sports car, yung red!"

I like this particular Fita commercial because I've witnessed how it affects young kids, specifically my cousins. They now think about doing good deeds and avoiding bad ones because they know that whatever they do has a consequence. They're too young to understand how karma really works. But it's enough that they get the point in its simplest essence.

Last night when I got home, there was a commotion in front of the gate of our house. When I asked them what was going on, I saw an old lady looking very, very tired and weak and hungry, standing by. I asked her what she wants and she said, "puwede bang magpahinga muna sa inyo dahil pagod na pagod na ako... (can i take a rest in your place for a while, please)"

I told my nanny Mai-mai to let her in. I later found out that they didn't want the lady in because she might be a thief or something. I even had an argument with my Tita, who to my surprise, was there in the sala all along. Apparently, she had refused the lady in, too.

What harm could an old lady do to us, anyway? She might be a "spy" of some Akyat Bahay gang, they said. Aghast, I said "she looks blind to me na nga eh!" I was furious to say the least.

I understand how people can't just trust others these days. I would often hear ikaw na nga ang tumulong, ikaw pa ang napapasama. But if this would be the case all the time, how are we going to make a difference? Perhaps it is because people know mistrust so well that it's what drives them to do harm on other people.

Now, we're still all alive, aren't we? And despite our everyday struggles, don't we owe it to ourselves to at least reach out and thank God we weren't in that old lady's place?

It saddened me more than it infuriated me. I was sad because my own family couldn't find in their hearts how to help people sans reservations... If my Tatay and Nanay were still alive, they would have welcomed that old lady and let her have dinner with us.

I hope the pork sinigang, rice and mangoes I let her eat would sustain her till she finds another home who would, this time, welcome her with open arms.

Assholes here, there and everywhere

I don't know why I always get my share of assholes. This morning on my way to work (again), a giant kelloidal iguana disguised as a man wearing a white polo, slacks and buffed leather shoes, refused to close his car passenger door while he was waiting for somebody. Now our street isn't exactly as wide as the Super Highway that's why the pedicab I was riding couldn't pass through.

Pedicab driver: "sir, makikiraan ho..."
Iguana: "sandali baka tamaan kotse ko"

So we were in the middle of the street stranded by his car door.

Me: "Mama, baka ho puwedend makiraan"
Iguana: "oho, sandali ma'am. baka tamaan kotse ko"
Me: "eh isara nyo ho muna"
Iguana:""teka lang ha, teka lang. Baka tamaan nga eh"
Me: "eh padaan nga lang ho! isara nyo muna!"


God bless you, Manong driver

My cab driver this morning seemed like a gentle, loving father who has been out driving his cab all night. He kept dozing off through our way to Quezon Ave. I would normally worry if this was the case. But I was feeling this sincere vibe from him that I couldn't get mad nor irritated.

"Ma'am sorry po ha, puyat po ako pag-pasada kagabi eh..."

I asked if he would like a bar of chocolate to keep him awake.

Thank God, I often forget to clean my bag. I remembered I had a melting bar of Cadbury Almonds somewhere in my cave of a bag.

That and a generous tip would hopefully send him home, smiling.

I will quit smoking I will quit smoking I will really really quit smoking


Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Breathe in, breathe out

I missed blogging for days and I am trying to squeeze this in now.

Our House Center for Children's Creativity is the art center/creativity school I have started late last year. Activities are now kicking off especially now that it's summer. I am organizing/facilitating art workshops for kids this summer, together with some artist, writer and teacher friends. Our workshops are meant NOT ONLY to teach the basics of art but moreso to instill in kids creativity, passion in discovering new things, and a sense of self particularly in creating things--working with their hands.

We are not your everyday art class. We are fun and exciting, too. :)

Oh, and we are also organizing an Art Camp in Antipolo. If you have lil brothers or sisters or kids whom you think would be interested, please, please let me know :)

Meanwhile Project Brainstorm is a creative services and concepts group. The basic idea is this: interested people gather together in a meeting, brainstorm for projects and work on them. Everyone is welcome: writers, artists--graphic,deisgn,layout,visual,etc--,sales & marketing people, photographers--kahit sino who has the flair for creative projects and working with people.

How does it work? The group comes up with a list of potential projects e.g. a publication of a one-time lifestyle journal. Writers and artists will handle the editorial stuff; marketing people will sell the project to sponsors--and the work goes on.

Now, does it work? Oh yeah, oh yeah :)

However, PB is not for people who are after a lot of money. Equal profit sharing is the key here. This is because no capital is involved except for basic admin expenses that will be shouldered by the PB Board Fund. The PB Board Fund is composed of again, writer and artist friends--inlcuding yours truly. PB is also SEC registered.

My high school best friends and I also have a start-up business now. It's called I'm Kikay. We package products for pre-teen, teen and not-so-teen girls. Our product now is a Kikay Beach Kit--a pair of really cute flip-flops perfect for the beach, a wooden brush, a wooden massage roller, colorful hair rubber bands, and a make-up pouch w/mirror--all inside a powder blue or yellow mesh shoulder bag. It's pretty cheap, too :) 200 bucks is nothing compared to the prices of each individual product in our kit. Department stores sell them on a 300% markup even!

So with all these projects and my day job, I barely have time to pat myself on the back and tell me to relax. Oh well.

Those who are interested, just email me :)

To the bat cave.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

No day but Today

I don't know where I get my energy these days. What with all the going's on at home, work and my projects, I barely have time to clip my nails.

But it's good. I have been super hyper. Thanks to the encouragement of my friends, Kulas and fellow kindred spirits. I am now working on my projects--both money-making and creative schemes.

Jo mentioned in her blog that the problem of our generation is not "finding one's self"; rather it's "finding one's place". A cliche perhaps but it's right on the target. It's a different world now: we go to school to be (mis)educated and later explore what our hearts tell us to. Then we try to get jobs and when we do, it's only two things: we like it or we don't. There are also the ones who are complacent in growing roots in their office cubicles and just...stay there--not for economic reasons but merely out of mediocrity and sheer complacency. It's like, I get paid every month, go to gimmicks, go out on dates, so what the heck.

And really, what the heck, that's the way they want it, right?

However, there are those who stay in their jobs, hate it everyday but can do nothing but stay because they have a sibling to send to school, a father who's sick, the reasons are endless. Yet given the opportunity, these are the ones who would take the plunge, leave their jobs and do whatever they want regardless of the pay.

So you see, it's not about discovering who you are because we know that already. People might say that our generation is too caught up in trivial pursuits--we have reasons. And we are smart. We know what we want to do with ourselves and our lives only that the world is cruel and there are very few chances. But we need to act soon.


My creative services project is on the grind now. I have a number of clients already and I'll be doing the presentations next week. It's scary but also exciting. I need partners: writers, artists, marketing people. I will also be holding art/creativity workshops and camps for kids this summer. I will be needing part-time art teachers. Holler if you're interested :)


Also, I have a renewed sense of excitement about my day job. Again, I am getting the projects I want--creative ones.
I met up with my best friends Nina and Sam last night at Starbucks Intramuros and discussed our projects. We will start filming an indie film next month and will show it in indie cinemas like Brash Young Cinema. For the love of the craft, this time (if we get revenues, better. Hehe).

I have meetings later starting at 4pm til about 9, with different people. Marketing people from PLDT, WG&A (bless them passengers) and Earth & Style. If I get these accounts, I'd be able to send my sister to Bangkok as my grduation gift to her.


Again, I will be needing creative people. Email me at unang_amihan@yahoo.com subject: Project Brainstorm. Virus senders will be immediately blocked. Hehe. And one thing more, I can't pay much. At least not yet. But if you're just taking up your PhD in Professional Bumming, what the heck, let's make those creative juices flowing!